What to Expect Before and After Your Stay


During Your Stay

Because we want to help our patients return to their normal activities of daily living, patients should wear comfortable clothing and sneakers during their stay at the Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine. Patients will participate in 3 hours of therapy 5 days a week and several hours during the weekend.

As part of their therapy, patients will be encouraged to participate in a full day of activities that include:

  • Activities of daily living
  • Mobility activities
  • Exercising in the gym
  • Enjoying meals in the dining room
  • Socializing with fellow patients in the activity room and TV room.



The Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine provides its patients with dining facilities and meals designed by registered dietitians especially for each patient. The Institute has a spacious dining room, which offers patients an opportunity to socialize with fellow patients and family, as they enjoy daily selections prepared by the hospital’s chefs.


Continuing Your Therapy As an Outpatient

When inpatient rehabilitation is no longer required, the patient’s physician and rehabilitation team may recommend that therapy be continued in an outpatient setting.  Bethesda Outpatient Rehabilitation is here to help patients make a smooth transition back to daily life by offering four convenient locations to help them continue their recovery. Your case manager can assist you as your physician prescribes.