Volunteer FAQs


How old do I have to be to volunteer?

We have a teen program as well as an adult program for volunteering. The Bethesda Teen Program is designed for high school students ages 14-18. The adult program starts at 19 years of age.

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Where would I volunteer?

We have volunteers in several locations. Most volunteers are at Bethesda Hospital East located on Seacrest Blvd. in Boynton Beach and at Bethesda Hospital West located on the corner of 441 and Boynton Beach Blvd.. We also have volunteers at Bethesda Health City (Hagen Ranch Rd.) and at the Bethesda Service Center (Congress Avenue).

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How much does it cost to volunteer?

The fee for adults at startup is $25 which covers the cost of the uniform top. The fee for teens is $10 which covers the cost of the teen polo shirt. 

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What time of day would I volunteer?

Most positions fall within the range 8:00 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. The length of time varies from position to position. Some positions require a 4-hour shift with a set time. Other positions are more flexible and can be changed to meet the needs of the volunteer. For example, we realize that adults with full time jobs are hard pressed to put in more than 2 hours a week. Our teens usually work a 2-hour shift, from 4:00 p.m. until 6:00 p.m. on school nights.

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How many days a week would I volunteer?

The standard volunteer position is 4 hours, once a week. Some volunteers come to the hospital several days a week and some once every two weeks. The amount of time the volunteer would like to give is discussed at the initial interview.

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How do I become a volunteer?

The first step is to submit an application. The online application is simple and secure. Click here to apply now.

Prospective volunteers can also pick up a paper application in the Volunteer Office. Teen applications are in paper form only and will be emailed to prospective teens. Those interested in volunteering, please call the Volunteer Office at 561-737-7733, ext. 84468 and leave your name and email address.

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I have to complete Community Service hours; will Bethesda accept me as a volunteer?

We do accept some volunteers who need to complete community service hours. We will need to discuss why the community service hours are required. The safety of the patients at the hospital is always a priority to us.


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Is there a uniform?

Yes, adults wear a royal blue uniform top along with their own solid white or khaki slacks and shirts. Teens wear a teal blue uniform shirt black, navy or khaki slacks. Closed-toe and rubber soled shoes are required for all volunteers.


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I do not live in South Florida year round. Can I still volunteer?

Or, "I live in South Florida year round but I take trips up north to visit relatives and often have company. Can I still volunteer?"

This describes the situation for most people who live in the area. Seasonal people can volunteer at Bethesda. They may not have the same assignment from year to year, but we welcome them with open arms. We ask that volunteers let us know in advance when they will be out so that we can find substitutes if necessary. Some positions are better suited than others to those who will be away often. We discuss this in the initial interview.

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Can I pick a certain area of interest?

Many volunteers 'specialize' in the areas where they work. You might also find that your extensive experience with patients helps you talk to patients of all types.


In the volunteer office we treat each volunteer as a person — recognizing that we are all different and that each individual has a wonderful skill (even two) lurking inside. We would like to help you use your skills in reaching out to others. As volunteers, we reach out to patients, to staff, to visitors and to the community as a whole.

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Please come join us — our arms are reaching out to you.