The Need

As the Baby Boomers enter their senior years, the need for physicians continues to grow nationwide, especially in South Florida. The demand for medical care is even more apparent in Palm Beach County where nearly one in four residents is over the age of 65. The need is further substantiated by the fact that there are 44,804 physicians in Florida, with 5,600 of them expected to retire in the next five years.
Research shows that medical doctors are most likely to stay and practice in the state where they have completed their residency training. With only 3,500 residency positions available in the state, nearly 44%, or 2,700 physicians, are leaving Florida each year to complete their training. Bethesda's GME program creates more opportunities for Florida medical school graduates and builds stronger ties between future physicians and our local community.
Now, in collaboration with the Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine at Florida Atlantic University, Bethesda Health is working toward a solution. This residency program creates a whole new paradigm for physicians and healthcare in our community.