Weight Loss Surgery Stages of Transformation

  1. Decision Point - You decide to have weight loss surgery.
  2. Shock and Awe - You feel "buyer's remorse" or are in awe of how little you can eat.
  3. Grief and Loss - You feel sad about the loss of some foods, rituals, or even friends.
  4. The Miracle - You feel invincible, like you'll never overeat again.
  5. Testing Limits - You go back to foods that used to trigger you to overeat, like sweets.
  6. End of Invincible - The "honeymoon" ends and your eating can more easily affect your weight loss or weight maintenance.
  7. Give up or Change - You realize if you don't make changes, you will gain weight or stop losing.
  8. Learning - You open up and learn to pinpoint what your real problems are (not what you assume they are).
  9. Experimenting - You go through a trial and error process to discover what really will work for you.
  10. Self Trust - You develop a sense of self trust and self care that was previously nonexistent.
  11. Mastery - You regain some control and begin to experience some peace of mind with food, your body and the scale.
  12. Freedom - You see that what you really want to do, and what you must do to stay healthy, are one and the same. 

Used with permission by National Association for Weight Loss Surgery www.nawls.com.