Bethesda Research Center

Tomorrow’s Treatments Today


Providing hope. That is the goal for the team physicians, nurses and Certified Clinical Research Coordinators at the Bethesda Research Center.

In medicine, clinical trials are used to evaluate new treatments and therapies. Each study is designed to answer scientific questions and find new and better ways to help patients.

All new treatments are first carefully studied in a laboratory to determine which new methods are most likely to succeed. This research also helps determine how to use the new treatments safely and effectively on patients.

The Bethesda Research Center is committed to providing clinical trials that specialize in evaluating drug treatment therapies for a variety of illnesses.

Our trials are conducted in accordance with established protocols of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to measure the effectiveness of new medications before they can be prescribed to the public.

For more information or a list of clinical trials, call the Bethesda Research Center at 561-374-5020.