Meet Our Team


Our team of physicians, nurses and healthcare professionals are here to help you through your rehabilitation process to ensure that you achieve your optimum level of health. Our team includes:


The Medical Director

The Medical Director of the Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine is a Board Certified specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation who oversees each patient’s care. This physician works with the patient, their treatment team and their family to set goals and plan a timely discharge. Other physicians will be involved as the patient’s condition requires.


The Nursing Staff

Cornell Institute’s nursing staff is comprised of Registered Nurses (RNs) and Patient Care Associates (PCAs) who have extensive rehabilitation experience. Working with our therapists, these individuals help our patients to regain their independence. A number of the nursing staff have achieved Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse (CRRN) status.


Speech Pathology Staff

Our speech pathology staff evaluates and treats speech, voice and language to improve communication skills, cognition to increase safety and carry over skills taught by other team members, and swallowing to improve airway protection and decrease the risk of aspiration pneumonia. 


Admissions Coordinator

The admissions coordinator will ensure each patient’s eligibility to use the Cornell Institute and will work with the patient’s case manager regarding plans for discharge. These individuals are always available for any questions that patients may have during their stay.


Case Manager

In an effort to provide support through the patient’s rehabilitation, a case manager will be assigned to work with each patient, their family and other rehabilitation team members. The case manager works with Medicare and/or the patient’s insurance company to arrange for any special equipment, adaptive devices or assistance required upon discharge. The case manager also guides the family through the discharge planning process.