Gastric Banding Revision Surgery

Sleeve Gastrectomy

One-third of adults in the United States struggled with obesity for years before taking the courageous step to undergo a gastric banding procedure. Despite best efforts, the band did not work. Weight loss was minimal and medical issues occurred with the implant. Patients are currently electing to have gastric banding revision surgery. At Bethesda's Center for Surgical Weight Reduction, Miguel Lopez-Viego, M.D. performs the gastric banding revision procedure for patients seeking to improve their health and quality of life.

Gastric banding revision surgery consists of removing the gastric band and then making a stomach (before surgery) that looks like a pouch into a long tube, or “sleeve”. The sleeve gastrectomy procedure removes approximately 2/3 of the stomach, which provides for quicker satiety (sense of fullness) and decreased appetite. The smaller stomach sleeve restricts food intake by allowing only a small amount of food to be consumed in a single sitting.

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