Driskill Endovascular Center

The Walter S. and Lucienne Driskill Endovascular Center at Bethesda Hospital East is a state-of-the-art endovascular center that allows surgeons to care for patients with vascular problems, using minimally invasive procedures. Thanks to these new minimally invasive techniques, patients are able to receive a superior level of care, with less discomfort and shorter recovery times.

With a goal to shift from conventional open operations to catheter-based surgical interventions, the Driskill Endovascular Center specializes in treating patients with thoracic aneurysms and stenoses, or blockages, of the carotid arteries.

The Driskill Endovascular Center's team is led by vascular surgeons George L. Mueller, M.D., Miguel A. Lopez-Viego, M.D. and Jesus G. Jimenez, M.D.