Emergency Cardiac Care


Time is Critical in Cardiac Emergencies

Bethesda’s emergency department team, along with the cardiac experts of the Bethesda Heart Hospital handle all cardiac emergencies with speed and precision. Working with area fire rescue agencies, emergency department staff can communicate with paramedics en route to the hospital over special modems. This technology allows echocardiographs and other information to be transmitted to the emergency department before the ambulance even arrives, giving a head start to Bethesda’s cardiac response team, and saving precious time for the patient.

When emergency cardiac interventions are needed, all the resources of the Bethesda Heart Hospital are just a few short steps away. The Cardiac CT Suite is located in the Emergency Department, while Cardiac Catheterization Labs, Electrophysiology Labs and Cardiovascular Operating Suites are just a short ride on a direct access elevator. In addition, Bethesda’s dedicated cardiac response team is always on call to respond to every cardiac emergency, 24-hours a day, 365-days a year.