DAISY Award Wall of Honor


Ashley Dougherty, RN 
January 2019

Ashley Dougherty, RN, BSN, works on the Clinical Surgical Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. Ashley graduated from Park Vista High School where she was in the medical program and then went on to attend the University of South Florida. Her inspiration for choosing nursing as her career path is due to her father who was diagnosed with cancer her senior year of high school. Ashley saw the great care that her father received during his final days and that influenced her to pursue nursing.

This is Ashley’s second DAISY Award in which she was nominated by a grateful patient. “Imagine that you have just been through another night of life with your Foley catheter. You have been placed on CBI, and have needed a few irrigation sessions during the night. Life is not pleasant to say the least. You are glad to see a new day as it indicates you have gotten through the night. Then you look at the information white board on the wall of your room. A feeling of relief, happiness and confidence comes over you because, there it is, the name “ASHLEY” written on the board identifying your nurse. You know you are set for the next 12 hours. You will receive the best of compassionate, knowledgeable, timely care. There will be laughs. You will be kept comfortable. If there is any delay in responding to any one of your many requests, you know the delay is only because someone else has a greater need at the moment. During a typical nursing shift, I was receiving 39 liters of saline via CBI. Managing that task required that Ashley maintain adequate supplies, perform frequent irrigations and attend to the numerous “housekeeping surprises” that technique can generate. All those tasks were accomplished flawlessly by her. No request was ever a problem. No situation affecting my comfort or care was ignored. Please let me again state how seeing the name Ashley meant that I knew I was all set for the shift, I was going to receive the best of care. It made a tremendous difference to me during my stay at your hospital. She is amazing. I cannot thank her enough (although I did share a few Godiva chocolates with her).”

Paula McCauley, RN 
February 2019

Paula McCauley, RN, works in the Critical Care Unit at Bethesda Hospital West. An experienced nurse for over 35 years, Paula received the DAISY Award for showing compassion and providing support and guidance to her patient and their loved ones.

Paula was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful family member. “I cannot begin to express my gratitude of the compassion and professionalism Paula and the rest of the staff displayed during my father’s care. I was able to lean on her for support and guidance during this most difficult time and in every case, I found that the memories of our interactions were comforting. Please know that I am not one to give a compliment easily, but in this case, it was well warranted and as I look back upon the passing of my father, I am comforted to know that Paula and the rest of the people at Bethesda West were there to give him amazing care and help my family in any way they could.”

Jean Orelus, RN 
March 2019

Jean Orelus, RN, works in the ICU Stepdown Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Biological Sciences from Florida Atlantic University and a Bachelor’s degree in Nursing from the University of Colorado-Pueblo.  Jean decided to become a nurse to help others in their time of medical need and vulnerability. His professional pursuits and priorities have given him a sense of achievement as he makes a positive impact on his community and helps people avoid discomfort and pain. 

Jean was nominated for the DAISY award by a grateful family member. “ My husband was in the CCU Stepdown unit. His health was not improving and the goal of our family was that he return home with hospice care. Fortunately, we were made aware that the primary care physician was not a champion of hospice care. Jean, my husband’s nurse, became our advocate and helped us work toward our goal of getting my husband home. It’s my belief that if Jean didn’t go above and beyond, my husband may not have returned home. Jean made a difference and I and my family are grateful.”