Lymphedema Program

Good News! Lymphedema Is Manageable!

Many people experience lymphedema---the buildup of protein rich lymphatic fluid in an extremity causing swelling, pain, and limitation in function. The certified lymphedema specialists at Bethesda will insure that you understand and learn how to manage this chronic condition and regain function. 

Bethesda Health offers a FREE post-surgical Breast Cancer screening and exercise session in our Outpatient Rehabilitation Department. This session is to help educate individuals who are experiencing shoulder problems or edema (arm swelling) that can occur after breast surgery. Individuals can greatly benefit from our screening session within the first few months following surgery.

There are five simple steps to successful management.

After careful assessment, you begin a series of treatment sessions.  The more dedicated you are to treatment, the better the results.

  1. A gentle massage-like technique is applied to influence the proper flow of lymphatic fluid.
  2. Specially designed compression bandages are placed on the affected limb. 
  3. A specific exercise program is designed to help reduce swelling.
  4. Patients are taught proper skin care to help prevent infection and control lymphedema.
  5. A compression sleeve or stocking is custom fitted for the patient and must be worn on a daily basis to maintain the proper size of the affected limb.

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The Lymphedema Program is located at the Bethesda Professional Plaza.