Special Amenities


The Bethesda Children’s Center knows about caring for kids, and parents too!


Nurses who know kids!

Whenever your child has a need, big or small, our nurses will gladly answer questions, provide a solution to a problem, or just give a reassuring hug.


Parents can stay overnight

In the Children’s Center, parents have 24 -hour visitation rights. One parent is allowed to stay overnight. We will provide a sleep chair and blankets so mom or dad can get some rest too. Coffee and juice are available in the morning, and guest trays can be ordered for a nominal fee.


Bring comfort from home

Parents are encouraged to pack a bag with their child's favorite things, such as pajamas, a blanket, or a teddy bear.


Special kid-friendly menus

The Children’s Center offers a special menu with nutritious, kid-friendly choices for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With options such as macaroni and cheese, fish sticks or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, even the most finicky eaters will be satisfied.


Feeling better? Time to play!

As children begin to feel better, they need to be kept occupied! The Bethesda playroom is filled with toys, books and movies for children of all ages.