Breast Health Navigator

Michele Goldberg, BSN, RN
Breast Health Navigator

When facing a diagnosis of breast cancer, emotional support and compassion are as important as the physical treatment. At Bethesda Women’s Health Center, we provide proactive care through our Breast Health Navigator, a Registered Nurse, to help patients from diagnosis through treatment.

Regardless of where you are in your personal journey, our Breast Health Navigator recognizes that efficient, personalized, and compassionate care is especially important at this critical time. In addition to answering your questions along the way, she will assist you with collaborating with your doctors, treatment team and other resources, allowing you to focus on your top priority--beating breast cancer!

Role of the Breast Health Navigator

  • To use breast health expertise to provide personal, individualized care
  • To provide support and education to patients through all phases of their care
  • To assess the physical, psychological and social needs of the patient and ensure they are receiving all the care they need
  • To promote breast health education in the community
  • To help medically underserved women coordinate their screenings and diagnostic procedures, as well as any necessary treatment.

*All services of the Breast Health Navigator are complimentary for all patients.*

For more information, please call Michele Goldberg, BSN, RN at 561-374-5312.