Bariatric Food Pyramid


After weight loss surgery, your ideal “food pyramid”, and the order of foods you eat, should change. The majority of your nutrition, or at least ½ of each meal, should now come from high protein foods, and protein should always be eaten first. This will maximize nutritional quality for volume; as well as maximize and extend fullness on limited volume. That translates to less sense of deprivation and fewer cravings/ triggers for unhealthy food choices. 

Fruits and vegetables should be eaten after protein; making up about 1/3 of each meal.

Carbohydrates should be eaten last; about 1/6 of your total meal. Choose fruit and complex carbohydrates high in fiber. Avoid and limit simple carbs food such as sweets, cakes, cookies, chips, crackers. Bread, pasta and rice will swell and expand your new stomach.

Fats should be limited. In cooking, substitute healthy heart fats such as these oils: olive, sunflower, safflower and canola. Eliminate high fat proteins/meats such as sausage, pepperoni, salami and bologna.

Fluid Intake - recommendations of 64 fluid oz per day; preferably water based, sugar free and non-carbonated. 

Limit caffeine as it can stimulate appetite or cravings/triggers for simple carbohydrates; caffeine is also a non-selective stimulant, meaning it increases your appetite. It is also a diuretic, which increases urination.                                    
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