Autism Spectrum Disorders

Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorders

For children with a diagnosis of autism, or autism spectrum disorder, evidence shows that early intervention results in positive outcomes.

Therapies available include:

  • Intensive behavioral intervention (discrete trials or Lovaas therapy), with the goal to facilitate learning by focusing attention in discrete and extremely well defined learning experiences.
  • Dietary intervention, under the guidance of a physician. 
  • Occupational therapy, focusing on sensory integration, self-regulation, and development of motor planning skills, in order to learn and progress in activities of daily living.
  • Speech and language therapy, designed to develop functional communication and social interaction, often with use of visual cues to facilitate communication (Picture Exchange Communication System, or PECS).

At the Bethesda Center for Pediatric Development, we offer comprehensive speech and language and occupational therapy evaluation and treatment, by pediatric therapists with many years of experience with children with autism. We strive to advise assist parents in finding the optimum intervention for their child, and to empower parents to be their child's best advocate and teacher.


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