Bethesda Hospital Mother & Baby Resources


Bethesda Hospital East's Center for Women and Children visitation hours are subject to change. For general questions regarding our visitation hour policy, please dial the following: 

Bethesda Hospital East: 561-737-7733

  • Labor and Delivery Ext. 84545
  • Maternity Ext. 84516
  • Neonatal ICU Ext. 84531
  • Pediatrics Ext. 84552
  • Pediatric ICU Ext. 84123

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Maternity Unit Virtual Tour 

Enjoy this pre-recorded tour of our Maternity Units at Bethesda Hospital East. Our Center for Women and Children tour will give you a sense of what to expect. 

*Please note, our visitation hours have been modified to protect the safety of our employees and patients. 

 Classes & Support Groups

TEACUP Preemie Program - NICU Parent Support Group 

TEACUP Preemie Program is a comprehensive support program for those coping with the challenges of parenting a preemie. Services are provided in the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) and the home and include in-person and virtual support groups, individual support, breast pump lending, education, and resources – all to reduce parental stress, and support preemie health and development. 

Call us at 561-687-8115 x120 or visit our website

Creole and Spanish Childbirth Classes 

Bethesda Health is proud to partner with The Children’s Services Council of Palm Beach County and Florida Health – Palm Beach County to provide free Spanish and Creole Childbirth Classes.  

For Creole childbirth class information, please call 561-578-1655

For Spanish childbirth class information, please call 561-214-2453



Please call 561-369 BABY (2229)

Pre-admission or insurance- 561-737-7733 x 85156

Breastfeeding Resources 561-737-7733 x 84162