2022 DAISY and SUNFLOWER Award Wall of Honor


Susan Novoa – Nurse Supervision –  Bethesda Hospital West

January-March 2022 DAISY Award Recipient

Susan was nominated by a team member. “When she answers the phone, she sounds like there is nothing else going on in this hospital and that she has all the time in the world to hear my issue. She then resolves the issue as if nothing else is going on in her day. She always gets back to me if there was a need. I'd like to think I’m her favorite and that she gives me priority, however, I’ve seen her in action helping the OBS unit and she is just as amazing with them. I am so glad she is on our team!”







Thelivard Verty – RN II Cardiac Telemetry – Bethesda Hospital East

March 2022 DAISY Award Recipient 

Thelivard was nominated by a patient's family member. "On the fouth day of my father’s admission, it was clear to me that he was dying. I am an RN and as a healthcare proxy, I knew he would want a peaceful death with no extraordinary measures taken…Verty went “above and beyond”  to help us. He permitted my brother and husband to sit in my father’s room with me as we kept vigil. He kept my father clean. Finally, he ensured that my father was transported to the hospice floor before his shift ended at 7. None of these efforts on Verty’s required special skills, instead they were all acts of kindness. I thank him from the bottom of my heart.”

 David Kindred, RN I Orthopaedic Institute– Bethesda Hospital East

April 2022 DAISY Award Recipient 

David was nominated by a grateful patient. “David was extremely busy, none-the-less he came and willingly helped get me in and out of bed to allow me to sit in the chair. I can barely stand with my very weak legs and he carefully and with great consideration, transferred me gently. I can’t praise him enough. Thank you, David!”


Ketty Lhermitus, RN III
4th Floor Med-Surgery Unit– Bethesda Hospital West

April 2022 DAISY Award Recipient

Ketty was nominated by a patient's family member. "My Granddaughter is disabled and all Ketty does is take care of her like she was her own. She is the best nurse I’ve seen in a very long time. She deserves this award more than anyone."











Tammy Morris, Patient Placement Coordinator–  Bethesda Hospital East

May 2022 DAISY Award Recipient 

Tammy was nominated by a team member. “Tammy was a superstar today. Labor & Delivery was very short on nurses. Tammy worked in Labor and Delivery to transition babies. She transitioned over 10 babies with a smile on her face. She did not get overwhelmed at all. She was the real MVP tonight. You are a superstar, Tammy! Anybody else who would have floated to transition would not have handled it as well as Tammy.”



Alexus Swain, Clinical Partner
Clinical Surgical– Bethesda Hospital East

May 2022 SUNFLOWER Award Recipient

Alexus was nominated by a proud team member. “Alexus is a team player, who goes above and beyond for her patients and coworkers. She has a heart of gold and a fun spirit. I know when I come into work and I see her name on the assignment, we are going to have a good day. Alexus is a blessing to our unit! I am grateful to work with this young woman.”





 Rachel Kozak, Emergency Department Tech I -Bethesda Hospital West

May 2022 SUNFLOWER Award Recipient 

 Rachel was nominated by a team member. “Rachel had cared for a man who did not want to be admitted to the hospital because the following day was Holocaust Remembrance Day, and he was a Holocaust survivor. The man was admitted and Rachel and a few others went to see him the next day to give him support on this difficult day; recognizing that with visitor restrictions he would be alone. During the visit, the patient repeatedly stated that we had made “his heart grow bigger.”


Carolyn Ellis-Clarke, Clinical Partner   Bethesda Hospital East-Orthopedic Institute

June 2022 SUNFLOWER Award Recipient

Carolyn was nominated by a patient's family member. “Carolyn has been my mom’s clinical partner a few times now. Each time, she has been such a pleasure to be around. Carolyn is funny, caring, thoughtful and always engages my mother. We love Carolyn. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”


Jeff Rhode, CP Benefactor Pavilion –– Bethesda Hospital East

July 2022 SUNFLOWER Award Recipient

Jeff was nominated by a patient's family member. "I met Jeff under not-so-great circumstances. I must say he was most engaged with me and my mother. He showed empathy to both of us. He displayed wisdom beyond his years. He did not shy away from a difficult patient, and he showed patience, professionalism and tons of caring for her. Jeff is the best. Thank you, Jeff!”