DAISY Award Wall of Honor
2018 Recipients


Astrid Fleuridor, RN 
January 2018

Astrid Fleuridor, RN, began working at Bethesda Hospital East as a Patient Care Attendant on the Orthopedic Unit in 2012. Astrid became a licensed Registered Nurse in 2016 and began her nursing career at Bethesda Hospital West on the Telemetry Unit in November 2016. Astrid  and her husband, Marc, have five children:  Anaya (13), Markel (11), Avah (2) and 6-month old twins, Micah and Malachi.

Astrid was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful family member. “Astrid demonstrates all that is right with nursing. She takes the time to get to know the patient on a personal level (and the family too!). Astrid's awesome personality made my Mom's stay at the hospital a pleasant one. Where no one else could get my Mom to eat, Astrid took the time to sit with my Mom and feed her and encouraged her to feed herself. She listened to my Mom when she said her arm was itching  and she switched out that brand with another brand and the itching went away. Another example was when she needed to be transported to rehab, the drivers go there a little early and instead of rushing her out the door, Astrid made sure my Mom got to do her morning routine, had some breakfast, and was ready to go before she released her. Her level of professionalism is unmatched. Anytime we asked for an update she was there to give it to us. She would tell us the medical terms and then explained what each one meant in layman's terms. We knew under her supervision my Mom was getting the best possible care. I can't say how much she meant to my Mom...on behalf of my whole family we want to say THANK YOU Astrid!”

Jose Laboy, RN 
February 2018

Jose Laboy, RN works at Bethesda Hospital West in the Clinical Surgical Unit.

Jose was nominated for the DAISY award by a grateful patient. “Nurses like Jose make being ill or unable to care for oneself much more tolerable. He is a man of his word. His shift was over and he promised to stop by before he left to say good night. He was in his car on his way home and before he reached home, he turned around and came back to the hospital just to say good night and make sure that I was fine. I never had that from anyone. He is very caring and attentive to his patients.” 


Victoria Hughes, RN 
March 2018

Victoria Hughes, RN works at Bethesda Hospital West in the Intensive Care Unit.

Victoria was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful patient. “Exceptional superior care was provided to me by Nurse Hughes. Her happy, extremely knowledgeable and caring personality showed true professionalism, not normally expected or experienced at any place I have ever been. She provided for all of my requirements and kept me informed. She is definitely a keeper.“


Jenny Bustamante, RN 
April 2018

Jenny Bustamante, RN works at Bethesda Hospital West in the Medical Surgical Unit. 

Jenny was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful family member. “As a fellow RN with 35 years of nursing experience, Jenny is a role model for her profession. She truly was my support system during a very stressful experience with my father. She always had a smile on her face and explained everything to my 95-year-old dad. She went above and beyond making sure he knew what was going on and anticipated his needs. Her clinical skills were top notch and her compassion toward my dad was very loving and supported. Not only did she comfort him, she always listened to my needs during his hospital stay. She made a difference in making sure he was safe and that he achieved all of his goals. She definitely paid attention to detail in regards to our emotional and medical needs.”

Jose Montes de Oca, RN 
May 2018

Jose Montes de Oca, RN works on the Clinical Surgical Unit at Bethesda Hospital West. Jose started his career at Bethesda in 2016 in the Emergency Department and transitioned to the RN Residency Program for the Clinical Surgical Unit. He is currently enrolled in the BSN program at Texas University and he serves as Co-Chair of the hospital’s Shared Governance Council.

Jose was nominated for the DAISY award by a grateful family member. “My husband has been in the hospital for a while and we have had to begin planning for Hospice care at the house. Jose offered such kindness, comfort and accuracy in caring for my husband. He kept my family aware of any changes and answered all of our questions with clarity. As a retired nurse with a long career in clinical nursing and nursing management, I recognize Jose’s quality of delivery and good team leadership with other caregivers and kindness to our family.”

Natalie Martinez, RN 
June 2018

Natalie Martinez, RN, joined Bethesda’s team in April 2015 as a nurse in the Telemetry Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. She transferred to Bethesda Hospital West in March 2017 where she works in the Emergency Department. Natalie serves as a Unit Based Practice Council network leader. Natalie goes above and beyond her assignments/duties to make sure her team is not in need and all patients in the Emergency Department are cared for. Fun fact: Natalie is a Disney fanatic and travels to see Mickey on a monthly basis!

Natalie was nominated for the DAISY award by a fellow nurse. “Natalie is always ready to help you. She personally makes sure that no nurse is left to drown. She has personally taken time to save me and make sure all the patients in the ER are safe and being taken care of. Natalie is the perfect combination of proficient and effective while still being compassionate. When she is in triage, we all know everything will be taken care of and she will do everything in her power to stay ahead of patient orders. Natalie deserves to be Nurse of the Year because she is so teamwork focused that every patient in the ER is her patient. I am pleased to work with her.”

Corinne Barranco, BSN, RN 
July 2018

Corinne Barranco, BSN, RN, joined Bethesda’s team in October 2017 and currently works in the Women and Infants’ Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. Corinne earned her Bachelor’s degree from Florida Gulf Coast University in 2014 and she is a Certified Breastfeeding Counselor. Her passion in nursing is working with women and infants. She finds it rewarding to be able to put a smile on a patient’s face during their most vulnerable and scariest times. 

Corinne was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful patient. “Corinne was one of the best nurses I have had the pleasure to meet. She had the ability to predict what I needed before I needed it. She was very familiar with my plan of care and took into account my personal preferences and needs. On the first night, Corinne was my nurse and she encouraged me without pushing me to get out of bed about 12 hours after my C-section. During our stay, she seemed to know and respect when I needed time to rest while not delaying my plan of care. She had all my discharge paperwork done the night before I was scheduled to leave. I would not have been nearly as prepared or ready to be discharged and take care of my new infant without Corinne’s attention to detail and caring attitude. At a time I felt disheveled and helpless, Corinne made me feel beautiful and empowered. She is an exceptional nurse and deserves recognition. I have been a nurse for the last 8 years myself and know that nurses like Corinne are such assets to their patients and other staff. Thank you for all that you did for me and that you do for patients everyday."

Andrew Halbina, RN 
August 2018

Andrew Halbina, RN, works at Bethesda Heart Hospital in the Cardiovascular Telemetry Unit.

Andrew was nominated for the DAIS Y Award by a fellow nurse. “Have you ever thought about who you would want to take care of you when you’re at your worst – when you’re the most laid bare and in need of kindness, hope and a simple helping hand? You want someone who will say, “You don’t have to be the strong one today – I’ve got you.” You hope for someone who will sit there and listen to you, hold you when you cry, and stand up to all others with only your welfare in mind. You hope this person whispers a kind word when the pain is bad or cleans you when you’re too weak to do it yourself. Isn’t this the person you hope for to take care of you? Or your mom? Or your husband? Or your sister or brother? You won’t find these attributes in every nurse you see – these qualities are rare and special and should be nurtured. I don’t come across them often, but I see them in Andrew. The time he takes, the care he gives, the warmth he conveys cannot be taught. There’s this deep-seeded need in him to treat every patient he has as if they are the center of his world. If you could but see the faces of his patients when he walks into their rooms, they light up and you can almost see them think, “It’s going to be okay now.” Andrew is so very special. I wanted to take a small moment in time to tell you that I hope with every fiber of my being that Andrew will be there to care for and watch over me and my loved ones should the day come that we are at our worst.”

Ashley Dougherty, RN 
September 2018

Ashley Dougherty, RN, BSN, works on the Clinical Surgical Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. Ashley graduated from Park Vista High School where she was in the medical program and then went on to attend the University of South Florida. Her inspiration for choosing nursing as her career path is due to her father who was diagnosed with cancer her senior year of high school. Ashley saw the great care that her father received during his final days and that influenced her to pursue nursing.

Ashley was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful patient. “My stay in the hospital was a lengthy one and I had many nurses. Ashley was one of the few nurses who would take time out of her clearly busy day to sit and talk to me. When the tears would come, Ashley would remind me of how far I’ve come. She refused to see a little thing bring me to tears because in her eyes I was strong---me, a feeble weak girl laying pale and afraid in a hospital bed was the strong one, not this nurse sitting on the edge of my bed working 12 hour shifts who I never heard complain once. She never complained when she had to pick me up off of the floor because I wanted so badly to be able to walk on my own but physically could not. After Ashley settled me safely back in my bed, she looked me in my eyes through my sobs and took my hand telling me I was strong.” 

Maria C. Martinez, RN 
October 2018

Maria Martinez, RN, works in the Pediatrics Unit at Bethesda Hospital East.

Maria was nominated for the DAISY award by a grateful family member. “When we came into the hospital with our 8 month old son we were nervous, anxious and scared, basically we were experiencing every type of emotion one could imagine. The first night we were there, Maria was our nurse so she was stuck with us being full of emotions and not knowing what we could do to help our child. We were so confused and Maria was so helpful. She spent extra time with us to explain everything that was going on and everything that was going to happen. She even took time to have a question/answer session with my two teenagers.”


Sandria Jamieson, BSN, RN 
November 2018

Sandria Jamieson, BSN, RN, works on the Clinical Surgical Unit at Bethesda Hospital East. Sandria earned her nursing degree at Texas Tech University. Prior to joining Bethesda’s team, Sandria worked at Lakeland Regional in Tampa, FL. Sandria loves nursing because of the satisfaction she receives and the expressed gratitude from her patients. 

Sandria was nominated for the DAISY award by a grateful family member. “My mother-in-law required a lot of attention and care throughout the day as we tried to figure out what was causing her medical issues. Sandria constantly kept me informed and followed through with anything that was asked of her. During the one hour that I had to leave my mother-in-law, the doctor stopped by. Sandria made sure to notify me immediately so that I could relay my questions. I know as a nurse that these tasks are a part of your responsibilities, but in all of the nurses we have seen, Sandria is one of the best!”

Deborah (Debbie) Stoner, RN 
December 2018

Deborah (Debbie) Stoner, RN is the Surgery Clinical Coordinator for the Bethesda Heart Hospital, Cardiothoracic Services (CTS) program.  Her responsibilities include perioperative coordination of care of patients undergoing cardiothoracic surgery.  Debbie is also responsible for surgical and interventional data collection and submission to the Society of Thoracic Surgery and American College of Cardiology, National Cardiac Data Registry for clinical outcome benchmarking.  

A graduate of Palm Beach State College, Debbie has been a Registered Nurse at Bethesda Hospital for 29 years.  Prior to her role in CTS, Debbie worked in the Cardiac Catheterization Lab  and the Ambulatory Care Unit.  

Debbie was nominated for the DAISY Award by a grateful staff member. “My mother recently had lung surgery at Bethesda Heart Hospital. No one in my immediate family has ever had any major surgery in our lifetime so you can imagine the nerves, the emotion and the lack of control that not only my mother was facing, but me and my sister as well. We met Debbie the day before my mother’s scheduled surgery. She displayed kindness, sensitivity, humbleness, wit and humor. This was a very tough time for my mom but Debbie explained every detail to her from start to finish. On the day of the surgery, Debbie was texting me and communicating with me throughout the procedure. She was even there in the recovery room to check on us after the surgery. What an AMAZING person. That afternoon, she came back to check on my mom and the family again. Debbie went above and beyond the call of duty and that is why I nominated her for this prestigious award.