Bethesda Hospital East

Varian Trilogy™

Trilogy offers the highest accuracy of any linear accelerator currently available. It delivers powerful radiation beams shaped precisely to the tumor, particularly important for treating small lesions. It’s advanced technology makes treatments such as stereotactic body radiosurgery therapy (SBRT), which has long been used to treat brain tumors, an option for other areas of the body as well. Normal body function creates movement of the liver, kidney, spine and lungs. Using the on-board CT imaging technology of Trilogy, tumors found in these “moving targets” can be pinpointed just before the radiation is delivered. The beam can be aimed directly at the tumor, sparing healthy tissue. In addition, visual biofeedback technology helps patients visualize their breathing and control their movement during treatment. Trilogy's high dose rate capabilities result in shorter treatment times.

Benefits of Trilogy:

  • Increased accuracy in treating smaller lesions
  • Shortened treatment times
  • Reduced tumor motion during treatment
  • Enhanced patient comfort
  • Fast and accurate pre-treatment alignment using On-Board Imaging