Bethesda Hospital East

Specialized Rehabiliation Programs


At the Cornell Institute for Rehabilitation Medicine, we offer specialized programs to meet the needs of patients with neurological disorders, orthopaedic injuries and speech and language communication.

Neurological Rehabilitation
For individuals who have experienced a stroke or other neurological disorder, our team will develop an individualized exercise and educational program tailored to meet their needs. Our goal is to help patients regain their independence with activities of daily living and functional mobility.


Orthopaedic Rehabilitation
Whether it’s a hip fracture, multiple fractures or spinal surgery, Bethesda’s therapists provide our patients with exercises and skills that will allow them to improve their quality of life.


Speech, Language and Communication
Helping patients regain their abilities to communicate with their families and the world around them is a vital step in the recovery process, following a serious illness or acquired disability. Our therapists work with patients one-on-one to help them regain speech, language and critical thinking skills necessary for daily living.