Bethesda Hospital East

Bethesda Brings Focus to World Sepsis Day

September 13, 2012


(Boynton Beach, FL)  Every 3-4 seconds someone dies of sepsis. Did you know that  “Superman” actor Christopher Reeve died of sepsis? Sepsis is one of the most common but least recognized diseases in the world.

Today, the World Health Organization has proclaimed the first “World Sepsis Awareness Day.” Bethesda’s head Critical Care Intensivist physician Sreedhar Chintala, M.D., is educating staff and the community about this worldwide issue.

Sepsis causes more deaths than prostate cancer, breast cancer and HIV/AIDS combined. Globally, an estimated 20 – 30 million cases of sepsis occurs each year. Experts in the field believe sepsis is actually responsible for the majority of the mortality associated with HIV/AIDS, malaria, pneumonia and other infections acquired in the community, in healthcare settings and by traumatic injury (4).
The annual costs for hospital treatment of Sepsis in the U.S. is 14.6 Billion dollars!

In treating sepsis, time is of the essence. A person with sepsis can become very sick very quickly. Antibiotics and intravenous fluids need to be given as soon as possible to give patients the best chance of survival.
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