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From Clinical Proficiency to Caring Excellence

In today's highly technological, task-specific arena, our society has often focused on the clinical and technical competencies required to provide high quality patient care. While these components are essential in the healthcare setting, they alone fall short of the level of patient care to which Bethesda Hospital East strives. Unless we can also demonstrate a sense of caring and empathy for our patients, then we are only partially meeting their needs and expectations.

A generous gift and permanent endowment from Mrs. Lucienne Driskill has enabled Bethesda Hospital East to create a unique, new model of holistic care that recognizes and addresses the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of our patients.

Acknowledging that all these components are interrelated and need equal attention, the Walter S. and Lucienne Driskill Center for Caring Excellence is dedicated to the effective integration of caring skills with clinical skills so that a philosophy of "Caring Excellence" becomes second nature to all caregiver roles at Bethesda. When these skills are successfully combined, the result is a win-win situation: improved patient care and satisfaction with more satisfied productive employees.


A Champion for Patients

Advocacy and education are the cornerstones of the Walter S. and Lucienne Driskill Center for Caring Excellence. When you're at Bethesda, each one of your caregivers will be your champion, as an advocate and an educator, to take care of your every need.

Support within the Center begins with unique, individualized training sessions for every caregiver who is responsible for direct patient care. Staff members receive training from a Registered Nurse Care Coach (RN Care Coach) who demonstrates exemplary caring and clinical skills. Patient encounters are then monitored, thereby helping individual caregivers understand where emphasis is needed in a particular aspect of their caring skills. These sessions help caregivers gain a better understanding of each patient's needs from a holistic perspective, enabling them to acquire the skills needed to be their patients' champions.

Just as a seedling requires continuous nurturing, the Walter S. and Lucienne Driskill Center for Caring Excellence has made it possible for Bethesda's team of healthcare professionals to receive continual support. From the new graduate to the seasoned caregiver, all caregivers receive the training in caring skills and education tailored specifically to their needs, and progress is monitored on a continual basis.

While the RN Care Coach mentors and coaches staff members toward effective integration of caring and clinical skills, our RN Patient Advocates provide additional support to our patients, facilitating their hospital stay and addressing clinical and comfort issues directly. The partnership between the RN Care Coach and the RN Patient Advocates assures that patient-centered care is achieved. Rounding out the Caring Excellence Model of Care is a dedicated group of volunteers who provide integrative therapies, which enhance the healing process. This group of volunteers includes certified therapy dog visitations and their owners. Patients who are interested in having a visit from a certified therapy dog are encouraged to make their wishes known to their nurse, and we will make every effort to fulfill your request.


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For more information about the Driskill Center for Caring Excellence, call 561.737.7733, ext. 84165.