Bethesda Hospital East

A Message from the President


I am excited about the robotic technology that is having such a positive impact on our patients at Bethesda Health. This summer we invested $4.5 million to purchase the da Vinci® Xi™ robot and the MAKO® robot that allow our surgeons to perform surgeries with even greater accuracy and precision. On pages 8–9 of Bethesda Life, you can read about how the da Vinci can assist the surgeon in the treatment of prostate and gynecologic disorders, as well as kidney stones and gall bladder disease. Bethesda’s MAKO robot provides the latest technology for partial knee resurfacing and total hip replacements. With minimal incisions, the MAKO makes it possible for patients to enjoy faster recoveries and return to their active lifestyles in two to three weeks, compared to months for conventional approaches.
The true champions behind our highly sophisticated robots are the surgeons who guide them. Bethesda is excited to welcome prostate cancer surgeon Raymond Leveillee, M.D., renowned for his work in endourology, a highly specialized field of minimally invasive urology. Dr. Leveillee’s expertise in treating prostate and kidney cancer and stone disease has earned him an international following. Robert Zann, M.D., and Elvis Grandic, M.D., are leading the charge in using the MAKO to perform robotic-assisted procedures with astounding results, and their work with the MAKO is featured on pages 4–5 of Bethesda Life.
Surgeries are further enhanced by Bethesda’s new fully computerized patient-care logistics system that ensures surgeries, as well as all patient care, happen in a timely manner. “Bethesda’s Commitment to Care” system monitors all patient care activities in real time from lab and imaging tests, such as X-rays and MRIs, to meal tray delivery and housekeeping services for the patient’s room, enabling the patient to receive the highest quality of care.
Bethesda’s investment in technology is made possible thanks to philanthropic support from the community. Thank you to the Bethesda Hospital Foundation and this community for allowing us to provide the highest quality of care for our patients.  

Roger L. Kirk, FACHE
President & Chief Executive Officer
Bethesda Health, Inc.